Psalms and Wisdom

Ideas featuring the Bible books of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon.

The shepherd's song: a joy-filled meal

8-11 year olds, All-age
Offering hospitality to strangers is a strong Middle Eastern tradition. In Psalm 23, David sings with joy about the welcome he experiences as a guest of God's generous hospitality.

In the beginning

8-11 year olds, All-age
An outline that explores the story of creation using ideas from the book of Job.

The journey

8-11 year oldsSpecial event
Drawing on the framework of 'The Pilgrim's Progress', this outline explores how you might unpack the journey of the Christian faith with a group, including Bible story links and activity suggestions.

Ribbons for remembrance

All-ageAll-Age service
The following is an outline for an all-age service for Remembrance Sunday. It is based on the premise that children do need to experience being part of our special moments of celebration even when those occasions are serious or touch on big questions.

A harvest psalm

All-ageAll-Age service
A version of Psalm 67 for the whole congregation to use.

Exploring Worship

All-ageAll-Age service
An outline for an interactive session looking at what worship means