Mothering Sunday

Naomi and Ruth

8-11 year olds, All-age
The story of Naomi and Ruth has much to teach us about how God welcomes and cares for those who, as refugees, face the loss of family and familiar surroundings. This simple retelling is could be used with a small group or in all-age worship.

The Family of God

Families come in many shapes and sizes - and this was as true in Bible times as it is today. This idea is a reflective story about some families found in the New Testament and wonders what these families might teach to us today.

A mother's best advice

8-11 year olds
This outline explores the story of the miracle of water into wine at Cana with a particular focus on Mary's advice to Jesus. Parts of this outline could be used in the context of Mothering Sunday.

Messy mothers

All-ageAll-Age service
This is an outline for the celebration at Messy Church or as part of an all-age service on the theme of mothers. It focuses on a mother whose persistence and faith brought healing for her daughter.

Mothering Sunday crafts

All-ageAll-Age service
You can never have enough craft ideas for Mothering Sunday, so here are six more to use with your midweek uniformed groups, on a Sunday morning, at Messy Church or at home.

A call to worship on Mothering Sunday

All-ageAll-Age service
The following idea offers a selection of Bible verses and visuals with which to call everyone to worship at a Mothering Sunday service.