Palm Sunday story

4-7 year olds, 8-11 year olds, All-age
The story of Palm Sunday, told from a child's point of view. Suitable for all-age worship or a children's group.

Decision time

8-11 year olds, All-age
The weeks of Lent are traditionally a time for personal reflection and recommitment to following Jesus. This outline for an all-age service or group session focuses on making the serious decision to become a disciple of Christ and draws on Luke 14:25-33.

The new beginning

This reflective story has been used regularly by the Barnabas team as a presentation of the life of Jesus that links Christmas to Easter. These two festivals are often only months apart, which can be confusing for some children.

Easter cross words

8-11 year olds, All-age
This simple illustration turns hate to love via the cross and can be used as an activity with a group or as a large visual aid for a service on Good Friday or Easter Day.

Holy Week visual aid

All-ageAll-Age service
This is an adaptation of a well-tried paper-folding and paper-tearing exercise that tells the story of Holy Week.

Mark's story

Mark began as a secret follower of Jesus and ended up going on the first missionary journey with his cousin Barnabas and being commended by Paul. This could be used as a storytelling outline at an all-age communion service.

Walk through Holy Week

4-7 year olds, 8-11 year olds, All-ageAll-Age service
The following idea focuses on one event for each day, starting with Palm Sunday, and follows Jesus through the drama of Holy Week right up to and including the surprise of Easter morning. It offers an active, kinaesthetic way to walk the story.

Easter Day visuals

4-7 year olds, 8-11 year olds, All-ageAll-Age service
Some ideas to illustrate the truths of the Resurrection