Messy Church in Lent

This idea contains an outline for a Messy Church in Lent with suggestions for crafts and activities, the celebration and the meal. It is based on the story of the temptations of Jesus and it explores the theme of how to be truly strong.

Messy Isaiah

An outline for a Messy Church session on the book of Isaiah or a resource for children’s groups during Advent. The prophecies in Isaiah are often quoted during Advent and some of its key passages are part of Christmas services.

A father's prayer

8-11 year olds, All-ageAll-Age service
This outline for a group session focuses on a father who came to Jesus for help because his son was very ill. It can be used for Father's Day or could be adapted as a framework for an all-age celebration in church.

Easter cross words

8-11 year olds, All-age
This simple illustration turns hate to love via the cross and can be used as an activity with a group or as a large visual aid for a service on Good Friday or Easter Day.

A Christmas triptych

A triptych is a work of art that is divided into three sections. The following idea offers three striking images that you could copy and illustrate in order to make a triptych that can be a focus for telling the Christmas story.

A harvest home - craft idea

Our Christian harvest festival has its biblical roots in the Feast of Tabernacles. Here are some group activity and craft ideas to create a special prayer space linked to the celebration.

Saul to Paul

Saul, who later used his Roman name Paul, couldn't forget the day the Jesus appeared to him on the road to Damascus. Saul's encounter with the light of Jesus is the theme of this outline for an all-age group.

Saul to Paul: craft and activity ideas

Here is a selection of craft and activity ideas that you could use to explore the story of Saul's conversion in Acts 9 in a group session or for a Messy Church on this theme.