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A father's prayer

8-11 year olds, All-ageAll-Age service
This outline for a group session focuses on a father who came to Jesus for help because his son was very ill. It can be used for Father's Day or could be adapted as a framework for an all-age celebration in church.

We all have gifts

The church is the people of God, filled with the Spirit, following the way of Jesus and working together for God where they are. Each person has a gift and ministry in this church. This all-age outline draws on Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 4.

The forgotten story of Christmas

The story of Zechariah and Elizabeth is often overlooked in our eagerness to tell what happened to Mary and Joseph at the first Christmas. The following outline offers a storytelling template to be used in all-age worship and with children's groups.

Christmas cards

Finding new ways to retell the mystery of the Christmas story is always a challenge. The following idea uses a selection of playing cards to retell the events surrounding the nativity.

Celebrate Bonfire Night

Special event
The closest thing to a firework display in the Bible happened on Mount Sinai when God gave Moses the ten commandments. The following outline links Bonfire Night to the story of this event

The story of Joseph - the peacock

Joseph's story is one of the most compelling dramas in the Old Testament. This storytelling outline introduces its main character, who is a spoilt show-off but one who God chooses to become his family's saviour.