Advent and Christmas

Ideas to help churches prepare for and celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas.

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Joseph's Christmas story

An imaginative way into the events surrounding the incarnation, through 100 short tweets that tell Joseph’s story of Christmas. Only in Matthew's Gospel do we catch a glimpse of the miracle of Jesus' birth from Joseph's perspective.

A shudder of angels

A retelling of the shepherds' story, in the context of security guards watching over a building by night. Suitable for use at a carol service or other Christmas event.

Messy Isaiah

An outline for a Messy Church session on the book of Isaiah or a resource for children’s groups during Advent. The prophecies in Isaiah are often quoted during Advent and some of its key passages are part of Christmas services.

Mrs Dinn at the Inn

All-ageSpecial event
Finding a new way to tell the story of Christmas is always a challenge. This charming version with illustrations could be just what you need to share the wonder of Christmas with adults and children at a special festival service.

The new beginning

This reflective story has been used regularly by the Barnabas team as a presentation of the life of Jesus that links Christmas to Easter. These two festivals are often only months apart, which can be confusing for some children.

The baptism of Jesus: a storytelling idea

All-ageAll-Age service
It's no accident that we begin each New Year by reminding ourselves of the story of Jesus being baptised in the River Jordan. This storytelling idea could be used in a all-age worship service or with a children's group at the start of the year or a term.


Photo by Gareth Harper on Unsplash