About the BRF Ideas Hub

For over 20 years, The Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF) has been supporting children's and family work in churches - helping to bring the Bible to life for children and families.

The content of this website, formerly hosted on the Barnabas in Churches website, was created by different members of the BRF staff team over the years, with Martyn Payne and Lucy Moore contributing the majority of the ideas.

Since the previous Barnabas in Churches website was built in 2011, there have been over a million visits to that website, and we trust, much fruit as a result.

Our hope in sharing this content freely is that it will continue to encourage, inspire and bless the church for years to come.

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How this site is funded

The rebuild of this website, its ongoing maintenance and any future developments are funded exclusively by donations.

If you find this site helpful and recognise its value to the church, please consider a regular gift to support it. Thank you.

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Why we've built the website

A time to tear down, or a time to build up?

In late 2018 we were faced with a difficult choice: to close the Barnabas in Churches site completely or rebuild it in a modern technological platform.

We chose to rebuild the site, trusting both that would be financial provision to cover the cost of rebuilding and maintaining the site, and that its content would continue to prove a blessing to churches across the UK and beyond.

Please pray with us that God will release the resources to enable us to maintain and potentially develop the site further.